Hall Chaplains

 Hall Chaplains

Stephen (Tig) Intagliata, advisor
Ext. 3219

Sam Miller-eshleman, Savanah Hofstetter, Nick Nowak and Megan Thomas

Hall chaplains live in the residence halls and are available for peer counseling and promoting spiritual life activities. Activities they might plan include Bible studies, special services, service projects and trips. They also seek to help new students get oriented to various campus ministries and activities on campus. These students are also available to help other students find ways to put their faith into action.

Hall chaplains for 2015-16 are:

Bren-Dell Hall:   Nick Arn, Jonathan Grayczyk & Janelle Johnson
Hirschy Hall:  Malika Thompson & Lezlie Thompson
Neufeld Hall:  Chris Brenner, Neil Mast & D'Nae Reese
Ramseyer Hall:  John Eber & Lauren Dickerson
Ropp Addition:  Katey Ebaugh & Mackenzie Butler
Ropp Annex: Caleb Halfhill, Alyssa Kauffman & Kala Jilani-Pritchett
Old Ropp:  Micah Hunsberger & Tricia Latimer