Tennis Ball Golf

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  • The game is played in groups no larger than four (4). Match play format. The player that wins the most holes is the winner.
  • The objective is to hit the targets marked by the pins.
  • Each hole is worth 1 point. The player that uses the least amount of strokes to reach the pin is awarded the point for that hole. If two or more players tie the hole the point is cancelled.
  • Any ball that is hit onto the concrete is considered a hazard.  The ball must be moved backwards to the nearest grass area and the player takes a 1 stroke penalty. 
  • Any player that chooses not to hit over a hole with a bridge may hit from the other side of the bridge with a 2 stroke penalty.
  • Players are allowed no more than two (2) clubs and two (2) balls per round. Clubs can be borrowed from other players in your group. Balls may not be shared. If you lose all of your balls in the creek you are eliminated from the game.
  • Any ball hit into woods, weeds, bushes, or flowers will be allowed to be moved out behind the object one (1) club length with no penalty.
  • No Carrying. Ball must be hit not scooped and tossed.
  • Each player is allowed 1 mulligan (a do-over) per round.


The TBG course:

front nine

Tennis Ball Golf front 9

Back 9


Tennis Ball Golf back nine

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