Softball Rules

Slow Pitch Softball Rules

A participant may play for only 1 team. Official ASA rules, slow pitch, govern play, subject to restrictions and exceptions laid down in the following rules:

  • Players: Team must have 4 women out in field/in batting order at all time or it is one out for every ten batters (exception if team only has 7 players). The game may be started and continued with a minimum of seven players (2 must be women) from each team. If team cannot meet these guidelines the game will become a forfeit.
  • Regulation Game: A regulation game is five innings or an hour whichever comes first. If a game is tied at the end of the fifth inning, the game will remain a tie. In the playoffs, the teams will continue to play until the tie is broken.
  • Ten Run Rule: If a team is ahead by 10 runs after four innings of play, the game is complete. If the team second at bat is 10 runs ahead at the end of 4-1/2 innings, the game is complete.
  • Fifteen Run Rule: If a team is ahead 15 runs after 3 innings of play, the game is complete. If the team second at bat is 15 runs ahead at the end of 3-1/2 innings, the game is complete.
  • Overthrows: An overthrow that passes out of play is a dead ball. Runners are awarded one base from their position at the time the throw was made. On an errant throw that passes into foul territory but does not go out of play or become a blocked ball, runners may advance a maximum of one base with the liability of being put out.
  • Time Limit: Time limit is 1 hour
  • Inclement Weather: During league and or play-off games, a game "under play" may be called due to inclement weather. Situations that would warrant calling games due to inclement weather would be lightning and thunder, tornado warnings and conditions that would be deemed injurious to participants continued play. If possible, the intramural staff hires a softball supervisor to be at the softball fields. This individual will have the responsibility for calling games due to inclement weather or light failure. Games that are called prior to starting by the supervisor will be re-scheduled (if time permits) by the intramural staff.
  • Softball Supervisor: During league play and/or the play-offs, a softball supervisor will be at the fields. This individual has the responsibility to call games due to inclement weather and to assist teams in whatever manner possible.
  • Equipment: The intramural staff will furnish for each contest some bats, balls, gloves. An individual can use their own equipment if they wish. All equipment will be checked before and after the game to see if any is missing. If missing any equipment then all games following that one will be canceled and the teams playing when equipment is missing is subject to be charged the cost of or replacement of equipment. It is also possible season will be canceled for missing equipment.
  • Claiming a Default: In softball games, the team present and ready to play, at the time the game is scheduled to begin, may claim a win by recording their line-up, signing, and stating "default" on the official scorecard. A team gets an extra 10 minutes to show up before a default can be called.
  • Officials: All official rulings are final. No arguing with officials. If a problem with a team or player happens they will be reported to the intramural supervisor and may be disqualified from the league/tournament..
  • Team: An official team shall consist of no less than ten players (a minimum of 4 women)
  • Lead Off: The base runner may not leave the base until the pitched ball has reached or passed home plate. If the batter does not hit the pitch, base runners must return to their bases immediately because the ball is dead until hit.
  • Base Stealing: Under no condition is a runner permitted to steal a base.
  • Bunting: The batter is out when he/she bunts or chops the ball downward.
  • Pitching: There must be some type of arc on the pitch. If the pitch has no arc it should be called a ball. All balls pitched must be hittable.
  • Batter Hit by Pitched Ball: No hit by pitch rule since this is slow pitch.
  • Base Runner Off Base: When the base runner fails to keep contact with the base to which he/she is entitled until a legally pitched ball has reached home plate, the ball is dead. No pitch is declared and the base runner is out.
  • Strike Zone: The strike zone is that space over any part of home plate which is between the batter's highest shoulder and his/her knees when the batter assumes his/her natural batting stance.
  • Infield Fly: An infield fly is a fair hit ball, other than a line drive that is caught or in the opinion of the umpire could be easily handled by an infielder. The batter is out immediately when hitting an infield fly with base runners on first and second, or on first, second and third with less than two outs.
  • Strikes/Balls/Pitches: Men will get two strikes, Women will get three strikes. There are no balls counted therefore there are no walks. A batter gets 7 pitches to hit the ball (all pitches must be be deemed hittable). If the batter hits a foul ball on the 7th pitch they are called out.
  • Lineup Cards: Each team will give the other team their lineup before the game. It will be the opposing teams job to make sure the other team does not hit out of order. The intramural staff person on duty should be notified before the first pitch is thrown to the out of order batter and if proven out of order the batting team will be charged an out. Each team will have to report their subs to the other team and the person that is subbing in will take the batting order position of the person who went out of the game.