Intramural Athletics

2015 intramural staff

First Row: Coordinators Jenna Graham & Caleb Berlon; Brad Schlabach, Emily Broughton, Sarah Pridemore and Andrew Hunter
Second Row: Neil Mast, Jordan Eichar, Tyler Postelwaite, TJ Kline, Ben Knotts and Tami Forbes (IM Director)
Third Row: Aron Gibson, Nate Miller, Braxton Mullet and Nolan Bricker
Not pictured: Calista Dowdy, Kim Perry and Alex Mast

The Bluffton University intramural program is under the direction of the health and sports science department. Intramurals contribute to the health and fitness of the participants and provides diversion from academic work. It is also highly competitive for both athletes and non-athletes. T-shirts are awarded to champions in each intramural sport.

During the 2012-13 school year, there were 10 intramural sports seasons, with many students competing in more than one sport. A total of 311 students registered 530 times to participate in our program.

 2014-15 intramurals

Fall Semester      
Fall Softball(co-ed) Rules, Sign Up Sept. 10 at 5 pm Sept. 15 Oct. 6
Fall Tennis (co-ed) Rules, Sign Up Sept. 10 at 5 pm Sept. 15 Oct. 6
Indoor Volleyball- (co-ed) 1st session Rules, Sign Up Sept. 10 at 5 pm Tues/Thurs Sept. 16 Oct. 6

Five on Five Basketball:
Men’s A & B league, Women’s League Rules, Sign Up

Oct. 22 at 5 pm

Tues/Thurs - Oct. 28 Nov. 18
Fall Bowling (co-ed)  5 weeks
Rules, Sign Up

Oct. 29 at 5 pm

Mondays - Nov. 3 Dec. 1
Spring Semester       
3 on 3 Basketball (co-ed) Rules, Sign Up Jan. 14 at 5 pm Tues/Thurs - Jan. 20 Feb. 24
Winter Bowling  (co-ed) 5 weeks 
Rules, Sign Up
Jan. 21 at 5 pm Mondays – Jan. 26 Feb. 23
Indoor Volleyball – (co-ed) 2nd session
Rules, Sign Up
Feb. 25 at 5 pm Tues/Thurs - March 10 April 7
Spring Soccer (co-ed) Rules, Sign Up March 11 at 5 pm March 16 April 7
Spring Tennis (co-ed) Rules, Sign Up March 11 at 5 pm March 16 April 7
Sand Volleyball (co-ed) Rules, Sign Up March 11 at 5 pm March 16 April 7


  • Session 1 Men's Basketball A League Champs
  • Session 1 Women's Basketball Champs
  • Session 1 Men's Basketball B League Champs
  • Session 1 Bowling Individual All-Stars
  • Session 1 Bowling Champs
  • Session 1 Volleyball Purple Division Champs
  • Session 1 Volleyball White Division Champs
  • Session 2 Bowling Champs
  • Session 2 Bowling Champs
  • 3 on 3- A League Champs
  • 3  on 3- B League Champs

Bluffton University general intramural rules

Intramural director: Tami Forbes, chair of Education and Sport Science Division   
         Email Tami:
Student coordinators:Caleb Berlon and Jenna Graham

 2014 intramurals