More Portfolio Suggestions

For education majors:


  • Use a large three-ring notebook in "conservative" colors.
  • Organize materials into sections and use tabs or divider pages to separate and label each section and provide a table of contents.
  • Put your name on the outside of the portfolio and use minimal decoration or embellishment on the cover.
  • A border design is nice, with the border design on each divider page to add continuity.
  • Mount photos and other materials with rubber cement, applying on the back of the item to be mounted and on the surface of the place it is to be mounted.
  • Use construction paper to mount photos and other materials for a more dramatic, professional appearance.
  • A laser printer gives a professional look, especially if you are not as confident in your handwriting. If hand lettering words and labels, use a straightedge to draw a light guideline (nothing looks worse than crooked lettering!).
  • Create a balance of information and pictures/print and white space. Be aware of visual appeal.
  • Make it short enough so that administrators will take the time to browse through it.
  • One option is to keep it easy to reproduce and affordable to mass-produce.
  • BE NEAT! An unorganized and messy portfolio is worse than no portfolio at all.

Presenting Your Portfolio

Some school districts request that portfolios be submitted with your application; others request that you bring it to an initial or follow-up interview. Communicate with the district you are considering to determine their preferences. Be prepared to discuss each item and answer questions.

Contact Kathy if you have questions.