What you need to know

Things you should research before interviewing

The Basics

  • Directions to the office
  • Headquarters location
  • Idea of domestic and international branches
  • Relative size (compared to other organizations)
  • Annual billings, sales and/or income (last 2 years)
  • Subsidiary companies; specialized divisions
  • Departments (overall structure)
  • Major accounts, products or services
  • Major competitors

The Subtleties

  • History of the firm (specialties, honors, awards, famous names)
  • Names, titles, backgrounds of top management
  • Philosophy and goals
  • Opportunities for employment and growth
  • Existence (and type) of training program
  • Relocation policy
  • Relative salaries (compared to other companies by field or by size)
  • Recent developments concerning the company or its products or services
  • Potential for growth