Deciding Your Major

Do you dread The Question from well-meaning family and friends? You know the one... "What is your major?"

Fear not. Many students start their collegiate career without a major. And still others will change their major at least once before graduating. It's not a bad thing.

If this is you, focus on taking the required Liberal Arts and Sciences courses, while exploring your interests. Contact the Center for Career and Vocation for additional guidance.



Additional on-line career identification resources:

The Occupational Outlook Handbook
Provides detailed descriptions of occupations including working conditions, required training and education, salary and employment outlook for a variety of career fields.

Career Zone
Offers information about thousands of occupations. This database may be searched by education required, wages or by job title.

Explore the career resource library and take an assessment test with our office! Contact the Center for Career and Vocation to set up an appointment at 419-358-3247. For further information or questions, contact Shari Ayers.