Invite the Center for Career and Vocation to do a classroom presentation on the topic(s) of your choice. Contact the director to set up a date or to discuss ideas.

  • Use the resume critiquing service of the Center for Career and Vocation as part of an assignment. Many faculty members will require a resume to be approved by the Center for Career and Vocation in career related courses.
  • Let us help you host or organize visits to campus by appropriate professionals in your classes. We know many alumni and friends in the area who would love the opportunity to talk about careers with your students.  
  • Encourage students who are still deciding their major to make an appointment with us. 


Writing a recommendation 

You may be asked by one of your students to write a letter of recommendation for graduate school. Here are some items to remember when writing your letter. 

Readers of reference letters look for the following:

  • the relationship between the referee and the candidate
  • specific knowledge of the candidate's subject matter background
  • the candidate's duties in his/her current position
  • how well the candidate performs(ed) his/her duties
  • interpersonal relationship abilities
  • the candidate's initiative
  • specific instances of excellent performance documented
  • concerns about the candidate's skills, abilities, knowledge or judgment
  • positive remarks similar to those written by other referees for the candidate
  • personality traits described
  • student-professor or superior-subordinate relations
  • You can also visit this link for help writing a letter of recommendation for graduate school applicants.