Calendar of Events

Calendar of events

fall 2014

November is national career development month!

Join us and many partners both on and off campus (beginning with events the last week of October) for: 

"finding your #purpleprofession through curiosity, hope, and gratitude."

Please contact the Center for Career & Vocation for additional information about any of these programs.

  • bob's talk: Curiosity and purpose 
    Wednesday, Oct. 29     5:30 p.m.     Marbeck: Kreider (Co-Sponsored by the Marbeck Center Board)
    Start the month-long celebration with a conversation about Purpose based on a TED Talk by Daniel Pink.
  • employer Visit: Bethesda Camp & Retreat Ministry (and service fair)
    Thursday, Oct. 30     10 a.m. -- 3 p.m.     Marbeck (Co-Sponsored  by campus ministries)
    Join representatives from Bethesda Camp & Retreat Ministry to learn more about their ministry with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Representatives will be in Marbeck to answer questions, and will be in chapel to share their vocational journey.    Learn more about Bethesda.  This is also the day of the service fair which brings a number of long-term and short-term service programs to campus.  Look for them in Marbeck from 10 until 2.
  • employer visit: sherwin williams
    Wednesday, Nov. 5     Hours by appointment
    Students who have had a resume pre-screened may interview on-campus for summer or post-graduate management training program positions.  Submit a resume to the Center for Career & Vocation by Oct. 23 for consideration.  Learn more about career opportunities with Sherwin Williams.
  • Workshop: I Can Put that on my resume?!
    Wednesday, Nov. 5     9:30 -- 10:30 p.m.     Stutzman (Co-Sponsored by financial aid office/Learn & Earn program and the office of residence life/student life)
    This certificate program provides helpful information about how to market yourself and your on-campus work experience for your FUTURE career.  Come and learn more about transferable skills in today's career marketplace. Learn & Earn employees will be paid for this one-hour program; door-prizes will be offered; a certificate of attendance ready-made for your Career ePortfolio will be provided after the event.
  • Lunch Conversation: Search Strategies for Finding That awesome Internship
    Thursday, Nov. 6     Noon     Marbeck (Co-Sponsored by the department of business studies)
    While the intersection between course work and career preparation is on your mind, join Shari Ayers and Denise Durenberger for a conversation about how to "go the extra mile" to find that internship that will really boost your confidence and set you on the path toward your future vocation.  Bring your lunch for this informal tips-focused conversation.
  • "connects" networking event
    Friday, Nov. 7     1 -- 3 p.m.     Marbeck: Kreider (Co-Sponsored by Collegiate EmployNET)
    Wondering how to balance your plate while shaking a hand? Nervous about telling your story while making "small talk?"  Simply curious about what networking is all about?  Dress for success and come learn the art and science of networking at this great annual event.  Register with the Center for Career & Vocation by Nov. 6.
  • workshop: crafting your purple profile (using linkedin for career development)
    Wednesday, Nov. 12     7:30 -- 8:30 p.m.     Musselman Library Seminar Room
    This certificate program will allow you to strengthen your on-line presence using the social media tool LinkedIn.  Come and learn more about what goes into a complete profile, how to manage groups and how to reach out to make connections.  
  • lunch conversation: this major is "out of the box!"
    Friday, Nov. 14     11:45 a.m. - 12: 45 am     Marbeck: room pending (Co-Sponsored by the psychology & sociology departments)
    Come and join faculty members from various departments to hear about the strange and unexpected places majors like psychology and sociology might take you.  Bring your lunch to this informal conversation to learn more about the ways people combine their skills, knowledge and abilities in their vocational lives.  This event is especially appropriate for students who are undecided about their major, or who are thinking of adding another major or minor.
  • workshop: telling your purple story (interview tips)
    Wednesday, Nov. 19     7:30 - 8:30 p.m.     Musselman Library Seminar Room
    This certificate program will help you head into an interview feeling ready to tell your story with ease.  Learn about some of the best ways to prepare for an interview and how to deal with unexpected questions.
  • Forum: The WORK of Gratitude: Making Sense of Vocation in a Complex World
    Tuesday, Nov. 25     11 a.m.     Yoder (Co-Sponsored by academic affairs)
    Center director, Shari Ayers, will serve as Forum speaker for this last Forum before the Thanksgiving break.  Join us for this last event of National Career Development Month. Arts & Lecture Credit is available for students.