Science teacher education

Middle childhood education license

The middle childhood license: science concentration is for teaching any science subject in grades 4-9.

The middle childhood license requires concentration in two areas. Many students choose a science and math combination because there is some overlap in requirements, but science can also be combined with language arts or social studies. Middle childhood teachers are not required to complete a science major; rather, they complete a middle childhood education degree from the education department.

To obtain this license the student completes:

  • a major in middle childhood education
  • specific cousework for a concentration in science
  • specific coursework for a concentration in another area
  • field experience including student teaching

If the student chooses this major early and follows the recommended program, this license (including student teaching) can be completed in four academic years.

For more information: visit the education department or browse the course descriptions.

A Four year plan provides guidelines for earning middle childhood licensure .

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