Bluffton's chemistry program closely follows the guidelines set by the American Chemical Society and includes a strong emphasis in the core areas of chemistry: analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. You will take some physics and mathematics courses and if you have an interest in computers, you can take computer courses as electives.

Students have the opportunity to work with a faculty member to design a project in your area of interest. Former students have engaged in independent studies in several ongoing environmental-chemistry projects and analytical/instrumentation projects.

Chelsea Zoltowski

Our students

During the summer of 2016, Chelsea Zoltowski, a chemistry major from Toledo, was part of a team using biomimicry in the study of geckos. 
>>> Chelsea's story

She then presented on her experience during a First Tuesday Forum. "I learned that science is everywhere. I realized that going in as a chemistry major, but after listening to my peer’s presentations and doing my own, I realized everywhere you look there’s science." >>> more about her presentation


Students interested in pre-medicine or other health-related fields can complete a chemistry major, a biology major, both or the pre-medicine major. A Bluffton chemistry degree is a good foundation for graduate work leading to a career in chemical engineering

Four-year plans are provided as a guideline for your course selection - chemistry major or chemistry/pre-med double major

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