As a student in the science department at Bluffton you will experience an intimate yet intense learning environment. The small size of the department, and the university, means that science students can and do pursue widely varying interests and activities including athletics and music.

The department offers majors in

Bluffton prepares teachers for Ohio certification in  middle childhood science. Our science education majors normally finish their degrees in four years, plus a semester of student teaching.

A science education at Bluffton is also good preparation for a career in engineering.

$3,000 scholarship

Up to ten $3,000 scholarships will be awarded in each of the following majors: biology, chemistry, dietetics, mathematics, physics and pre-med.  >>>tell me more

Dr. John kraft award

A $5,000 loan/grant is available to a graduating senior who completes one full year of medical school. This financial support is awarded in the form of a loan that is cancelled upon completion of the first year of medical school.  >>>more about pre-med


While Bluffton University does not offer an engineering degree, students have become engineers after attending Bluffton. There are several ways to accomplish this...  >>>tell me more