Knowlton Science Center

Knowlton Science CenterThe Austin E. Knowlton Science Center will transform science education at Bluffton. The 32,500 square foot building is designed for 21st century teaching and learning for students in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, pre-medicine, nursing and dietetics. With the $4 million naming gift of the Austin E. Knowlton Foundation and the support of many alumni and friends we can achieve our goal of funding the $14.5 million total project cost and opening a new science building in academic year 2020.
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As a student in the science department at Bluffton you will experience an intimate yet intense learning environment. The small size of the department and the university means that science students can and do pursue widely varying interests and activities including athletics and music.

Our faculty are dedicated Ph.D. professors who will work one-on-one with you from your first day on campus all the way through graduation. They will help you in your academic program and advise you along your path toward a career in science.

The department offers majors in


Bluffton also offers majors in the health sciences of nursing, dietetics and speech-language pathology and audiology.


Science scholarship

If you major within the natural and applied sciences division (biology, chemistry, dietetics, mathematics, physics and pre-med) you may qualify for a renewable $17,000 to $18,000 science scholarship.  >>>tell me more

Dr. John kraft award

A $5,000 loan/grant is available to a graduating senior who completes one full year of medical school. This financial support is awarded in the form of a loan that is cancelled upon completion of the first year of medical school.  >>>more about pre-med

Pre-med preparation

A pre-medicine major is a good plan if you are sure about your future. However, medical schools do not require a pre-medicine major. Most Bluffton students who have entered health professions have majored in biology or chemistry or both.