Special course descriptions

Fall 2015

ENG 243 Studies in American LIterature: The Old, Weird America | MWF 10-10:50 am
A tour through classic and contemporary American authors who deal in strange and compelling ways with the great human questions as they manifest themselves in this wild, difficult, beautiful, still-young country. Texts will include, tentatively: Melville, Whitman, Dickinson, Kate Chopin, Fitzgerald, Hurston, Vonnegut and some contemporary materials. (This course is an option for Humanities.) 3 hours.

Spring 2016

ENG 299 ADvanced WRiting: the fairy tale world | tr 1-2:15 pM
This course is for readers and writers eager to explore fairy tales. You know who you are. You’ve noticed that the tales don’t have many fairies, though they contain an abundance of wicked stepmothers, talking animals, princes and princesses, and three nearly-impossible deeds that must be done, or else you will lose your head. Some of these stories have stuck in your mind; you cannot forget them. Fairy tales grow deep roots into the psyche or soul. They reach far back into cultural histories. We’ll approach them in different versions, telling and re-telling, writing about them and writing new ones, finding our own truths as we go. 3 hours.

Options to fulfill fine arts general education requirement

one course required

Fall 2015

ART 135 Introduction to visual art | MWF 10-10:50 AM
This course is designed to provide a basic introduction to visual art for students majoring in other disciplines. Class presentations will include the study of visual art examples: gallery visits, creative engagement projects, video presentations, and critique and response papers. 3 hours.

ART 204 Drawing | MWF 8-9:50 AM
A series of problems designed to develop confidence in drawing while examining a number of ways of implying space in a two-dimensional surface. Theory is supported by work in the studio and extended through traditional and contemporary visual references. Students are encouraged to develop a personal approach through the use of a sketchbook. 3 hours.

ART 217 Ceramics 1 | MWF 8-9:45 AM
Introduction to work in clay including hand building techniques, use of the potter's wheel, decorating and glazing methods, kilns and firing processes. Practical experience through participation in all phases of ceramic production. Survey of traditional and contemporary approaches to clay focused on promoting individual student response to the medium. 3 hours.

ART 329 ART History 3 | MWF 11-11:50 AM
Survey of 19th- and 20th-century art. Writing-enriched course. Prerequisite: ENG 110 or ENG 120. 3 hours.

THE 135 Introduction to Theatre | MWF 10-10:50 AM
This introductory course aims to increase students' understanding, appreciation and critical perceptions of theatrical performance through script analysis, performance evaluations and engagement with a creative process. 3 hours.

THE 136 Theatre for Social Change | TR 9:30-10:45 AM
This course examines theoretical, practical, ethical and aesthetic elements of theatre created to promote social justice. Students will research and practice performance methodologies that promote civic dialogue. The course includes the collaborative creation of an original piece of theatre by the class. This course may be taken as part of the Peace and Conflict Studies minor. 3 hours.

MUS 135 Introduction to Music | MWF 9-9:50 AM
This course examines music from a variety of perspectives. The first perspective is as an introduction to music fundamentals, stressing note reading, rhythm, recognizing and understanding major and minor scales, intervals, triads and seventh chords. The second perspective is as a performer, with an introduction to basic guitar chords and strummed accompaniments, percussion instruments and simple piano skills. The third perspective is as a listener, with basic ear-training and exploration of music literature, using examples from pop, folk, classical, jazz, blues and world music. This course fulfills the general education fine arts requirement and the first course of the music theory sequence. 3 hours.