Special course descriptions

Spring 2016

ENG 282 Studies in the Novel: African American LIterature | TR 9:30-10:45 AM
To read literature by African Americans is to re-learn and come to new understandings of American history and culture through the stories of real people. We’ll read novels by African American authors such as Jubilee by Margaret Walker, Native Son by Richard Wright, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, Go Tell it On the Mountain by James Baldwin, Meridian by Alice Walker, and Beloved by Toni Morrison.  

ENG 299 ADvanced WRiting: the fairy tale world | tr 1-2:15 pM
This course is for readers and writers eager to explore fairy tales. You know who you are. You’ve noticed that the tales don’t have many fairies, though they contain an abundance of wicked stepmothers, talking animals, princes and princesses, and three nearly-impossible deeds that must be done, or else you will lose your head. Some of these stories have stuck in your mind; you cannot forget them. Fairy tales grow deep roots into the psyche or soul. They reach far back into cultural histories. We’ll approach them in different versions, telling and re-telling, writing about them and writing new ones, finding our own truths as we go. 3 hours.

MUS 140 Exploring Music: History of Rock and Roll | MWF 10-10:50 AM
This course explores the history of rock and roll from pre-rock origins in the 1920s into the 2000s. Along the way it will examine rock and roll, rockabilly, pop, surf, the British Invasion, folk rock, Motown and southern soul, psychedelia, progressive rock, black pop, reggae, disco, punk, alternative, indie and heavy metal.  It will focus on the music, artists and technology as well as cultural forces that influenced and transformed rock from an outsider music into a commercial and world-wide phenomenon. This course is an option for the Fine Arts requirement.

REL 362 Youth Ministry 1 | MWF 11-11:50 am
If you are interested in working with youth in a ministry setting, then this course will help you think about why we do what we do in youth ministry.  Whether you plan on a career in youth ministry or not, you might end up as a youth leader or sponsor at some point in your life.  This course will help to give you a foundation upon which to build your understanding of what’s involved in ministering with youth in congregational or other settings.  The theology behind the programming and adolescent development will be two main themes of this courses content.