Exceptions to registering online

Students must register for the following courses by contacting the registrar's office.


HFS 155 Adventures in Outdoor Recreation
To register, consult Tami Forbes in the recreation department.

Applied music
To register for applied music, students should get a signed form from Jodi Diller in Mosiman Hall, or the music faculty. Students need to bring this form to the registrar's office to register. Applied music cannot be audited.

Closed classes
Permission to take a closed course may only be granted by the instructor of the course. If the instructor grants permission, bring a signed permission to register form to the registrar's office..

Cross-cultural experiences
Students approved for these courses will receive forms from the cross-cultural programs office, which must be completed by the student. Once the completed forms have been received by the cross-cultural programs office, the registrar's office will register the student for the course.

Independent studies, practicums and internships
A signed, completed application form with a description is required in order to register. Forms are available online for practicums/internships and independent studies. These are due by the add deadline, Aug. 29, 2014.

Music ensembles 
Instructors for these groups will give lists to the registrar's office, which will register the students.

Students cannot register online for more than 17 hours. If you need to register for more than 17 hours contact the registrar's office to obtain approval from the registrar to register for the course or courses which will put you over 17 hours.

Students cannot register online for courses for which they have not taken the prerequisites. If you have not met the prerequisite but still want to take the course, discuss your situation with the instructor of the course. If the instructor grants permission, bring a signed prerequisite waiver form to the registrar's office to register.

Repeated courses 
You will need to contact the registrar's office to register for any repeated courses. Repeated courses may include applied music, music ensembles, activity credits, umbrella courses (courses with subtitles) or courses repeated because you received low grades the first time you took them.

Spanish classes 
Students cannot register for SPA 111, SPA 121 or SPA 225 without taking the Spanish placement test or meeting the prerequisites listed in my.bluffton.edu. If you are interested in taking one of these courses, contact Susan Collier (419-358-3435) to arrange to take the placement test. Once you have completed the test, you will be given a permission slip which should be taken to the registrar's office to register for the appropriate Spanish class. Students can register online for any 300 level Spanish course except SPA 390.

Students with questions concerning registration may contact the registrar's office at registrar@bluffton.edu or 419-358-3321.