Graduation plan

Instruction sheet


Congratulations! You are close to completing your educational goals with Bluffton University.

This instruction sheet will assist you in planning  your remaining semesters. Please follow the steps carefully to ensure there are no surprises!

This plan assumes passing grades and no unforeseen issues with the student's academic progress. Students must meet departmental and university grade point averages and other requirements as described in the university catalog.

Any changes to your academic plans may change your graduation date. Please notify your advisor and the registrar's office if you make changes to your schedule.

  • Upon receiving the Application for Graduation. Log into the Campus Web to view your graduation report. This report lists courses needed, grades, etc.
  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.
  • Take a printed copy of your graduation report and the plan for graduation to your advising session.
  • Review your remaining requirements with your advisor. Using the course schedule available on Campus Web, plan which courses you are taking for each term.
  • List summer courses and transfer work in the "Additional Courses needed" area. A completed advance approval form is required for any courses taken elsewhere.
  • Any substitutions or course waivers must be approved by the department chair and sent to the registrar's office. If you and your advisor find a discrepancy within the graduation report, please contact the registrar's office immediately.
  • Using the chart below, make sure you have enough total hours for graduation:
Graduation needs
  • The student and academic advisor must sign the plan for graduation. PLEASE RETURN THE SIGNED PLAN FORM TO THE REGISTRAR'S OFFICE NO LATER THAN APRIL 11. 
  • Register for classes beginning the week of March 24, 2014.