A guide for faculty

Features for Faculty

      • Log in to Campus Web from any computer with Internet access.
      • To view the classes you are scheduled to teach, click on My Classes at the left. Other terms can be viewed by clicking the Change Term button on the left.
      • Class rosters can be seen by clicking on View to the left of the course number.
        • Tip: This is the most accurate roster available. It is updated immediately when changes are made. It also includes students not yet registered with Campus Web.
      • Clicking on the course number will take you to further course information, such as the number of students enrolled, number of seats left and room assignment.
      • Information about other courses can be seen by clicking on the Course Search  button to the left. Many limiting parameters can be entered here, but for most searches, just selecting a department code will work best. Click on one of the Find Classes buttons to proceed.
        • Tip: Using the option  Only full courses located near the bottom of the page will give you a list of all closed courses. Similarly, putting the letters "can" in the box labeled "Instructor Last Name" will give you a list of all cancelled courses.
      • GRADE ENTRY: To enter grades click on My Classes then on View for the course under "Class Roster." Click on the Go button at the bottom of the roster. Use the drop down box to select a grade for each student. Click on Continue to review all grades. To make changes, click on the browser Back button. Once you are satisfied with the accuracy of the grades click Submit Grades. From here you may click on My Classes to go on to the next course or click on Log Out to finish. The grades are then immediately available to the students and cannot be changed by faculty. Contact the Registrar's Office for grade change requests.
        • Tip: If you would like to print a copy, click on the small  Print button in the dark colored bar near the top of the screen. This will open a new session without all of the buttons. Then printing with the browser button will result in a cleaner copy.

    • Additional Options
      • By clicking on Faculty List, you may view all the courses a faculty member is teaching for the current term.
      • If you have a General Ledger Account, it can be monitored by clicking on the GL Inquiry button at the left.
        FYI - As a security feature, Campus Web will automatically log off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
      • Campus Web Advising Features  These features give you access to information about all of your advisees. The information available includes course work, and grades as well as progress toward completion of general education, major, minor, and licensure requirements.

  • Contact the Help Desk via email (helpdesk@bluffton.edu) or by phone at 3600 for assistance with technical computer difficulties.
  • Contact the registrar's office at 419-358-3321 if you find errors in course listings or want further information about Campus Web.