Advising features

The Campus Web advising features are available to calculate a student's progress toward completion of course requirements necessary for graduation. General tips for use of the advising features are found below.

To Gain Access to the Campus Web Advising Features:

  • Sign into Campus Web from any computer with Internet access.
  • Students click on Student, faculty on Faculty.
  • Advising features are located under the Advising green bar.
    If there are no advising features listed, please contact the registrar's office at Ext. 3321.
  • Click on any of the buttons to find useful information! A list of the features located within each button is found below.


One of the "features" of the Campus Web advising tool is that a student's record will look just like it looked the last time you looked at it, even if new grades have come in or other changes have been made. To see any updates to the record it must be refreshed, not with the browser refresh button, but with the yellow refresh button found by going to your list of advisees, clicking on the dropdown box and clicking "Student Aims." Clicking the yellow "REFRESH" button found there will bring that student's record up to date.

Advising Features

    • My (Student) Aims - A list of all majors and minors declared, along with the general education program.
    • Meetings - A useful place to store notes from an advising meeting. Both the advisor and the advisee may access these notes.
    • Course History - A list of all courses taken is found here.
    • Requirements - View requirements for any major or minor that Bluffton offers.
    • Course Needs - A list of all the courses that are still needed to fulfill a graduation requirement, based on current aims.
    • Grad Report - The grad report allows students and advisors to track the progress being made toward meeting all general education, major and minor course requirements needed for graduation. This feature also includes the total number of hours for graduation.

Useful Tips and Trouble Shooting

    • Any changes made in these advising features will not be saved at the time of log-out.
    • Feel free to experiment with new majors/minors. Simple steps to do so are located below.
    • When experimenting with new aims, choose the major and minor of the current year.
      • Note: Some courses may be used to fulfill requirements in either two majors or in a major and a minor. Please contact the appropriate department chair with any questions regarding their unique policy concerning the double-counting issue
    • Clicking the "Recalc" button allows you to view the most current information.
    • The following codes are used under Status in many of the advising feature screens:
      • R - required
      • M - met
      • I - in progress
      • T - transfer work
      • RI - required, in progress
      • NI - not met, in progress

Advanced Features

While the advising module keeps track of student progress toward meeting course requirements, it is also possible to experiment with other major(s) and minor(s). For instance, to explore an additional major or minor:

  • Under Advising, click My (Student) Aims.
  • Click Add.
  • In the "Choose an aim" drop down box, select the appropriate option (major, minor, licensure).
  • Click Add
  • Select Active from the status drop down box, and click the boxes to the right of Display & Print, respectively.
  • Click Update, followed by Recalc selecting "Yes, continue with Recalc" when prompted.
  • Click Grad Report from the blue side bar for a list of selected major(s)/minor(s). All other features may also be utilized.

For a complete change of major/minor:

  • Under advising, click My (Student) Aims.
  • Next to the major you wish to delete for the time being, select Aim Detail from the Go to  drop down box.
  • Change Status from Inactive to Active.
  • Click Update, followed by Recalc, selecting "Yes, continue with Recalc" when prompted.
  • Click My (Student) Aims.
  • Click Add, and you choose Major 2 (or Major 3, if you have already declared two majors), followed by the major of your choice.
  • Note: Any students seeking adult licensure must also select the licensure aim, in order to obtain accurate results.
  • At the next screen, select Active for the status drop down box, and click the Display and Print boxes.
  • Select Update, followed by Recalc.
  • Click Grad Report from the blue side bar for a list of all required courses for the selected major(s) and/or minor(s). All other advising features may also be utilized as well.