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Prepared for Life

We are honored to serve Bluffton as co-chairs for Extending Our Reach-The Campaign for Bluffton.

Our involvement has given us the opportunity to observe first-hand the vision, effective leadership and careful planning that have helped Bluffton grow, build outstanding facilities and expand educational offerings to meet 21st century needs. Bluffton also continues to uphold the traditions and values that set it apart when we were students and were both well-served in our preparation for success in business and in life.

Extending Our Reach-The Campaign for Bluffton will ensure that Bluffton’s mission continues to serve students and society today, tomorrow and for future generations.

Support for the Bluffton Fund, a new Health and Fitness Education Center and endowment growth are all crucial for this success. Therefore, we call not only on the loyal friends whose gifts have sustained Bluffton in the past, but on all who care deeply about Bluffton’s mission and values.

Please join us and Shirley and Helen in extending our reach together, by making your transforming gift to Extending Our Reach-The Campaign for Bluffton.

Larry Copeland ’65 and Tom Reichenbach ’58
campaign co-chairs

Campaign steering committee:

Larry Copeland ‘65
Campaign co-chair
President, Copeland Financial Investment and Wealth Management, Inc.

Tom Reichenbach ‘58
Campaign co-chair
Lincoln National Corporation (retired)

Al ’51 and Marie Yoder
Honorary campaign chairpersons
CEO Jayco (retired), Yoder Enterprises

Ted Bible ‘96
Director of Adult and Graduate Education
Bluffton University

Dr. William Burcky ‘53
Professor Emeritus
Southern Illinois University

Dr. Stan Clemens ‘63
Emeritus professor of mathematics/vice president of advancement
Bluffton University

Richard Cripe ‘56
President, TurtleTop and Independent Protection Company

Dr. James Harder
Bluffton University

Dr. Hans Houshower
Vice president for advancement
Bluffton University

Dr. George Lehman
Howard Raid Professor of Business
Bluffton University

Terry Shetler ‘69
Vice President and General Manager of Turbomachinery Controls Division, Woodward Governor Company (retired)

Jim Sommer ‘68
Sommer Brothers Seed Company (retired)

Morris Stutzman ‘72
Bluffton University Board of Trustees