There are two directions that a psychology student can take following graduation: start their career with a bachelor's degree or attend graduate school.

Psychology careers for bachelor's graduates:

There are many job opportunities for students who do not plan on getting an education beyond their bachelor's degree in psychology.

Psychology is a good liberal arts degree that prepares students for a variety of positions. Psychology graduates are often seen as desirable by employers. Students who hold degrees in psychology are qualified in many different ways; they have human relation skills, critical thinking skills and writing skills, all of which are desirable characteristics to most employers.

There are many job opportunities that are closely related to the field of psychology . Psychology graduates can work in the social service field or in the criminal justice system. A degree holder can be a case manager, work in child protective services, work directly with clients in a residential treatment facility or work as an assistant in a professional research lab.  Becoming a probation officer, corrections office, or chemical dependency counselor, are just a few others of the many positions within that field.

In addition, because of your focus on human behavior, a psychology major or minor can complement other majors, such as business, education, social work, criminal justice or religion. Graduates with a concentration in psychology can find positions in the field of business, such as human relations or office management. A psychology graduate can also find careers in many other different settings, such as camps, various community organizations or within the educational system.

Psychology careers requiring graduate work:

Working as a counselor typically requires a master's or a doctorate degree.

In order to find more information about the job opportunities and openings for psychology graduates contact the Career Development Center, or you can call (x3215). Also, the American Psychological Association has information about salaries, graduate school and career options. You can visit their Web page at