Success stories

Jacob Kovach  

Jacob Kovach '07
History major
Jacob Kovach knew in sixth grade that he wanted to go to law school someday. However, no one in his family had gone to college. And as the oldest of three children of a single mother, he realized he would need good grades to earn scholarship money to help pay for it. >>>Jacob's story

 Paul Ropp '66

Paul Ropp '66
History major
Ropp received Bluffton's 2010 Professional Achievement Award, given for continued pursuit of intellectual growth and exploration of creative ventures in a chosen field. >>>Paul's story

Cheryl Hacker '81


Cheryl Hacker '81
History major
Former principal assistant attorney general, education section, in the Ohio Attorney General's Office, became the general counsel for Shawnee State University in 2010.
The seeds for what has become a long legal career were planted at Bluffton, she said. >>>Cheryl's story

Bluffton alumni are working in a variety of related careers, including judges, attorneys, probation officers and corrections officials.

  • In recent years, Bluffton graduates have been accepted to a number of excellent law schools, including:

    • University of Dayton
    • University of Cincinnati
    • University of Michigan
    • Xavier University
    • Georgetown University
    • University of Akron
    • University of Notre Dame
    • Ohio Northern University
    • UCLA
    • Michigan State
    • Drake University


Tom Ritzert '01 has joined the law firm Thompson Hine LLP. He joins the firm's business litigation practice group. He received his J.D. from The University of Michigan Law School and his B.A. from Bluffton University. Thompson Hine LLP has been recognized as one of the Best Corporate Law Firms in America (in an annual survey of corporate directors conducted by Corporate Board Member magazine). With approximately 400 lawyers, Thompson Hine serves premier businesses worldwide. For more information, go to - Feb. 2010

Here's what our alumni say:

"My education at Bluffton taught me two critical skills necessary for success in law school - the ability to analyze large amounts of material and use that information to construct a concise written argument. Bluffton's small class sizes allowed for one-on-one feedback from professors on how to make my writing more clear and persuasive, and taught me how to identify inconsistencies in my arguments. In addition to the strong focus on writing at Bluffton, the Criminal Justice department provided courses in Constitutional Law and Criminal Law and Procedure, taught by a local judge, which confirmed my interest in going to law school."
-- Tom Ritzert, 01
Student, University of Michigan Law School

The classes, professors, guest speakers, and off-campus opportunities at Bluffton University enabled me to understand the bigger public policy issues and injustices in the world and encouraged me to explore alternative views. Bluffton was the catalyst for me to choose a career in service to crime victims. I link my ability to testify before the Ohio General Assembly and before Congress on crime victim rights legislation, and to co-chair a successful drive to amend Ohio's Constitution to my education at Bluffton."
David Voth, 78
Executive Director, Crime Victim Services, Allen County, Ohio

Bluffton University provided me with an excellent background for law school. The liberal arts education I received helped me become knowledgeable about a variety of disciplines which pertain to the study of law. While at  Bluffton, I was also continually challenged to view social issues from different perspectives. My cross-cultural experience in Northern Ireland, especially, broadened my worldview and taught me to always take other people s perspectives into account when considering an issue. I am very grateful I chose Bluffton for my undergraduate studies.
             -- Melanie Murray, 06
Student, Ohio Northern University Law School

The education I received at Bluffton prepared me as well as anything could for law school. The importance of public service emphasized by Bluffton as part of its curriculum has led to my career choice as a lawyer in the public sector.
-- Alina Schulte, 04
Student, University of Cincinnati Law School

"Bluffton was a great stepping stone to my career as a lawyer. At Bluffton I learned the value of teamwork and compassion, and think that my education and experiences at Bluffton provided a solid foundation for law school and the practice of law."
              --Tamara S. Brandt, 97
Attorney, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, Los Angeles, Calif.