Satterwhite award

in Peace Scholarship and Activism

The annual Jim Satterwhite Award in Peace Scholarship and Activism, is presented during the Academic Awards Forum to a graduating student who is

  • a student of senior status at Bluffton University (having completed at least 88 semester hours)
  • a student with an overall GPA of 3.0 and above
  • a student with a demonstrated commitment to peace scholarship, either someone with a minor in peace and conflict studies or some other, equally serious way
  • a student with a demonstrated commitment to peace activism, which can be conceived as within these four areas (as described in Lisa Schirch's The Little Book of Peacebuilding, 2004)
    • addressing conflict nonviolently (e.g., protest & human rights advocacy)
    • transforming relationships (e.g., trauma healing & restorative justice)
    • reducing direct violence (e.g., preventing victimization & creating safe spaces)
    • and building capacity (e.g., peace education & economic development)
Previous recipients:

2018 - Blake Hershberger of Canton, Ohio 
2017 - Emily Short of Archbold, Ohio
2016 - Rebecca Juliana of Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
2015 - Shannon Thiebeau of St. Marys, Ohio
2013 - Katie Wineland of Gibsonburg, Ohio
2012 - Jennifer Arnold of Fort Wayne, Ind.
2011 - Leah Roeschley of Flanagan, Ill.