Food and nutrition major

Group of Dietetics Majors

The study of nutrition includes courses in science, behavioral sciences and management strategies, with  a solid foundation in liberal studies. 

The food and nutrition major offers students three concentrations, all of which combine coursework emphasizing the foundations of nutritional sciences with the physical and biological sciences necessary for professional practice.  >>>occupational outlook

Concentration options:

  • Dietetics: Dietitians are the clinical nutrition experts. Working with client le in medical care facilities, community health settings and consumer education programs, dietitians deliver medical nutrition therapy.  >>> dietetics program
  • food and nutrition in business: There is considerable demand in the global food industry for persons who understand food and nutrition. Career opportunities include managing food service organizations, food production, food product development and marketing, culinary arts and food sales. A variety of business courses are included in this major and a hands-on practice internship is required as part of the curriculum. 
  • Wellness works with people, families and communities to enhance their quality of life. Career options include corporate wellness programs, health/fitness clubs, educational institutions, community agencies and personal training/consulting.

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Four year plans provide guidance to completing a food and nutrition degree with concentrations in  food and nutrition in business, wellness  or dietetics beginning in an odd year or even year.

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