Rotations and attendance

Scheduling rotations

Interns will be provided with Rotation Information Sheets with basic information about each site, including address, preceptor contact information and usual work hours. For planning purposes and consideration of each supervised practice site, communications between the intern and preceptor should begin prior to his/her arriving at the site. This can be done with a simple phone call or e-mail.

While the site rotation schedule is usually established before the beginning of the internship year, there are frequently intern seminar opportunities that arise, special events or staff trainings at the rotation site or personnel schedule changes that may need to be addressed when planning for each intern's time at a particular supervised practice site. For this reason, it is suggested that the intern complete a rotation schedule form after consulting with his/her preceptor and the internship experience coordinator. This will help the intern and preceptor to plan ahead for alterations in the basic daily schedule, and allow the intern to estimate the number of hours he/she will be getting ahead of time at the particular rotation, and plan ahead for hours that may be more or less than expected. This will also prompt the intern and/or preceptor to notify the internship experience coordinator/director of registration fees or other added costs that may be incurred by the facility during an intern's rotation on site.

Prompt attendance is required for rotations, and is a demonstration of intern professionalism.

Adjustments in schedule may be possible for exceptional and valid reasons, such as a scheduled doctor appointment or internship responsibility. The intern should discuss these with the rotation preceptor well in advance of the anticipated date to arrange for a schedule adjustment.

Attendance policy during scheduled on rotation site:

Because many of the rotation lengths are short, absence during a scheduled rotation means valuable information and experiences are missed. Absence is discouraged and hours missed must be made up within a timeline set by the internship experience coordinator and preceptor.

In the event of an illness, injury or personal emergency, it is the intern's responsibility to notify the agency preceptor and the internship experience coordinator of the necessary absence prior to their scheduled start time.

Due to the fragile health of clients the intern will be encountering at many rotation sites, interns should not report to site locations with a suspected significant contagious illness or infection, and should seek medical attention as appropriate. Supervised practice facilities maintain the right to prohibit an intern from being on site whose health may be a detriment to patient well-being.

One or two day successive absences for injury/illness or personal emergency will be excused if appropriate notification is given to preceptor and experience coordinator. Absences greater than two days will require a note from a healthcare provider, with copies given to facility and experience coordinator.

Days missed should be reflected in intern's Hours Verification Form. In such cases, arrangements will be made for the make up of missed supervised practice hours and/or activities whenever possible. Other requests for leave from scheduled rotation time due to a necessary appointment or responsibility will be handled on a case-by-case basis and arrangements for make-up hours and/or activities at the convenience of the preceptor and within a timeline set by the experience coordinator and preceptor.