Faculty & Staff Honored

Long-time employees

Front row: Jonathan Andreas, Kathy Dickson, Chris Gable, Art Shelly, Joyce Schumacher, Scott Shumaker, Hans Houshower, Linda Cupples, JP Schumacher. Back row:  Chuck Daws, Jason Swartzlander, Tyson Veidt, Darryl Nester, Chris Moser, Steve Rodabaugh, Paul Weaver, Mike Hutchinson.


Bluffton University honored 22 faculty and staff members for their years of service at the university’s annual recognition dinner on Jan. 20. The honorees have been at Bluffton for five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.

The longest-serving staff member recognized at the dinner, with 25 years, was Art Shelly, assistant professor of computer science and network administrator. Each honored for 20 years were Dr. Darryl Nester, professor of mathematics; Joyce Schumacher, alumni events coordinator; and Dr. Will Slater, professor of psychology.

Shelly is a 1985 Bluffton graduate who returned two years later as a faculty member after earning his master's degree in computer science from the University of Missouri-Rolla. In addition, "Art has been instrumental in almost all computer innovations at Bluffton for the past 25 years," notes Dr. Michael Edmiston, professor of chemistry and physics and chair of the university's natural and applied sciences division.

Nester also graduated from Bluffton, in 1988, and returned to teach mathematics just before receiving his Ph.D. in statistics from Purdue University in 1993. Dr. Stephen Harnish, professor and chair of mathematics, says three qualities particularly define Nester's 20 years of service, calling him "an avid problem solver, a deft user of technology and a creative wordsmith." Nester is also the current faculty athletics representative.

Schumacher, a 1971 alumna, has served as a Mennonite student recruiter and in many roles in advancement. She now coordinates Homecoming, May Day and university Women's Council activities, as well as Athletics Hall of Fame inductions and other alumni events. Dr. Hans Houshower, vice president for advancement, credits her for making "important contributions to the quality and vibrancy of Bluffton programs."

In addition to his faculty position, Slater currently chairs the university's social sciences department and the social and behavioral sciences division. He is also a former Bluffton director of assessment. An ordained United Methodist minister with a Ph.D. in educational psychology, Slater "has continually explored the intersection of psychology and spirituality" in his research, notes Dr. Lynda Nyce, professor of sociology.

Other faculty and staff recognized at the Jan. 20 dinner were:

For 15 years of service, Linda Cupples, admissions office receptionist; Dr. Charles Daws, professor of chemistry and current chemistry and physics department chair; Jodi Diller, music department administrative assistant; Chris Gable, athletics department administrative assistant; Dr. Hans Houshower, vice president for advancement; Mike Hutchinson, preventative maintenance coordinator; Steve Rodabaugh, director of personal computing; Dr. Peter Terry, associate professor of information technology and music; and Paul Weaver, research librarian, Musselman Library.

For 10 years, Jane Amstutz, Marbeck Center secretary; Kathy Dickson, director of career development services; Dr. Melissa Friesen, associate professor and current communication and theatre department chair; Chris Moser, director of development; and Scott Shumaker, buildings and grounds plumber.

For five years, Dr. Jonathan Andreas, assistant professor of economics; J.P. Schumacher, Institute for Learning in Retirement director; Dr. Jason Swartzlander, assistant professor of accounting; and Tyson Veidt, head football coach.


Bluffton public relations, 1/21/13