Crystal Sellers Battle

What is your educational history?
I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor's degree in music and Roosevelt University in Chicago with a master's degree in music. I then traveled to Manchester, England, for 10 months. I studied at the Royal Northern College of Music at Manchester College and earned a post graduate diploma. It was a wonderful cross-cultural experience that taught me how to survive in a place different than what I was accustomed to. Then I came back to the states and to The Ohio State University where I received my doctorate.

What brought you to Bluffton University?Crystal Sellers Battle
I applied to an open position here at Bluffton University upon encouragement from a colleague after completing my doctorate degree.

How many siblings do you have?
I am the youngest of three siblings. My brother is a pastor and he and his family live in Cleveland, my sister lives in Naperville, Ill., my mother lives in Columbus where I grew up.

What do you do for fun?
I enjoy reading; some of my favorite authors include J D Robb and Mary Higgins Clark. I am a mystery buff.

Share an interesting fact about yourself?
I have completed two personal goals before the age of 30: a doctorate degree, and living and performing outside of the United States (England, France and Australia.)

What is your favorite color?
Electric blue, but my favorite color to wear is red because it is an energizing color.

Who is you favorite music artist?
In classical music it is Leontyne Price; in jazz it is Jane Monheit; in gospel it is a tie between Yolanda Adams and Donald Lorence; and in R&B, it is Ledisi.

Favorite tech gadget?
My silver ipod and the original Google phone!

What is the focus of your doctorial degree?
Voice performance with a specialization in singing health

Why did you specialize in singing health during your doctorial program?
My motivation came from gospel singers that I worked with who had vocal injuries. I wanted to be the person who can help him or her through the recovery process of getting their voice back.

What is your personal message to potential and current students?
There can be a spirit of excellence that can be in any style of music that he/she would like to bring to this office. Students do not have to feel as if classical music is the only genre that is encouraged.

Tell about your work with Bluffton's Damascus Road team?
At OSU, I worked as a graduate assistant in office of minority affairs as a retention counselor for students of color. That office has a mentoring program that helped students with their transition to college, etc. At Bluffton I am working with Damascus Road, an anti-racism awareness organization, to create a similar mentoring program for Bluffton students. Upperclassmen will mentor first-year and sophomore students and help them with their transition to college, class choices, roommate issues and help work through the transitions from being in the majority in their hometown to now being in the minority. A second phase of the program could pair upperclassmen with alumni mentors as they search for jobs and understanding life outside of college.