Competition details

Repertoire and memorization requirements
  • Instrumental (brass, percussion, strings, woodwinds)
  • Piano
    • Perform the first movement of a sonata by Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven and at least one other contrasting piece from a different style period (15 mins. max.); memorization required.
  • Voice
    • Perform two contrasting solos (10 mins. max.), one in English and one in a foreign language, at the level of works from the Class A OMEA Adjudicated Events List; memorization required.


  • Accompanists will be provided by Bluffton University
  • Applicants must request an accompanist on the scholarship application. Accompanist copies of scores must be provided to the university on or before Monday, Feb. 22,  2016.
  • Participants may choose to provide their own accompanist

Copies of scores

  • In addition to the accompanist copy, participants must provide one original copy of each composition for the faculty judges
  • Please mark measure numbers in judge's scores
  • Photocopied score will disqualify the contestant from the competition

Judging procedures

  • Decision of the judges is final
  • The judges reserve the right to hear all or part of the prepared solos and the right not to choose a winner
  • Performance time is limited as stated in the guidelines
  • No videotaping, photography or recording is permitted