Marbeck Center Staff

Mark Bourassa

Assistant Dean of Students, Director of university event complex & Conferences

  • Supervise all operations and auxiliary services in Marbeck Center, Sommer Center and Founders Hall, coordinate conference programs, plan and implement orientation & registration and fall welcome, hire and supervise student employees
  • Phone: 419-358-3217
  • Hometown: Bluffton, Ohio (via Rochester, NY & Roswell, Ga.)
  • At Bluffton University since: 1990
  • Hobbies & interests: Spending time with family and three children, attending kids' events (sports, music, academic team, etc.), hiking & camping

Brent Schroeder

Assistant Director of university event complex

  • Advise Marbeck Center Board, organize Red Cross bloodmobile, schedule and train student employees, work closely with conference programs and A/V arrangements
  • Phone: 419-358-3218


Jane Amstutz

university event complex Secretary

  • Supervise mailroom operations, manage campus space reservation system, train and oversee student employees
  • Phone: 419-358-3216


Ralph Patterson

Lead Custodian, University Event Complex

  • Maintains appearance and functionality of Sommer Center, schedules and trains student custodians, ensures meeting rooms and spaces are set for various events, maintains custodial and conference equipment, trains and supervises summer conference crew

Larry Maynard

University event complex custodian

  • Maintains appearance and functionality of Founders Hall, trains and oversees student custodians, ensures spaces are set for various events, prepares athletics fields for practice and games, maintains custodial equipment

Mark Bias

university event complex Custodian

  • General upkeep of Marbeck Center, train and oversee student custodians, ensure meeting rooms and spaces are set for various events, maintain custodial and conference equipment
  • Phone: 419-358-3216
  • Hometown: Lima, Ohio
  • At Bluffton University since: 2007


Stephanie Baugh

Graduate Assistant for Student Involvement

  • Advise office of student involvement programs, advise Riley Creek Festival steering committee, provide support and guidance to student organizations, coordinate spring awards banquet for student leaders
  • Phone: 419-358-3273