At the Bluffton University we are working to implement additional sustainable business practices. Following is an example of a few things we are doing.

  • Napkin Holders- We use "bulk dispensing" napkin holders with single sheet dispensers. The napkins we are using are 100% recycled.
  • We use the Ecolab Apex dishwashing system. Apex combines technology and products designed to save water and energy, minimizing the impact of products on the environment.
  • Our used cooking oil is reclaimed and converted into new products such as bio-fuel.
  • WSDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified Coffees are available a Bob's Place.
  • Bluffton University and Dining Services together recycle more than 400 pounds of cardboard a month for an average total of 4,800 pounds annually.
  • We operate a trayless dining facility to help reduce waste and to facilitate the positive impact it can have on our personal health and environment.
  • We offer Aspretto by Sodexo coffees. It is 100 percent fair trade coffee with a large focus on sustainability.

Local Focus

    • We support local businesses and communities by purchasing from local producer and growers. Sodexo buys 100 percent of our fresh dairy products from local and regional farmers. For the future, we have committed to serve only farm and ranch products that are sustainably grown by local producers and minority and women-owned businesses.
    • Here at Bluffton University we purchase from local/regional produce growers through Sirna and Son's Produce which is located in Ravenna, Ohio, when it is in season and is feasible.  
    • Local businesses that we purchase from on a regular basis include:
      • Nickles Bakery
      • Reiter Dairy
      • Sirna & Sons Produce
      • Panache, New Leaf Garden Center