Meal Plans

Bluffton Dining Services offers residential students a choice of three meal plans. An additional plan is available only for commuting students. See below for a complete description of plans, related policies and costs for the 2016-17 academic year.

Full Value 20 Plus
Our best value meal plan. This traditional plan provides students personal access to the Commons for each of our 20 meals per week. Plus, students receive $50 in Beaver Bucks each semester. You don't have to worry about keeping track of your meals and you will always have three meals a day and two on Sunday. Cost: $2,854 per semester

Premier 15 Plus
This dining option offers more flexibility by allowing students any 15 meals per week in the Commons. Plus, students receive $100 in Beaver Bucks per semester. Cost: $2,742 per semester

Basic 10 Plus
This plan provides students access to any 10 meals per week in the Commons. Plus, students receive $150 in Beaver Bucks each semester. This plan is only available for upperclass students. Cost: $2,630 per semester

Apartment block 70
This plan provides students living in the university apartments with the option of 70 meals per semester in the Commons. Plus, students receive $150 in Beaver Bucks that can be used for purchases in Bob's Place or additional meals in the Commons. This plan is only available for those living in the university apartments. Cost: $1,036 per semester

Commuter options
Commuters have the option of purchasing Beaver Bucks in any amount. Beaver Bucks can be used for meal purchases in the Commons or for a variety of to-go meals, sandwiches, burgers, chicken, snacks, beverages and other convenience store items.

A Commuter only meal plan is also available which provides commuting students with access to 5 meals per week and $100 Beaver Bucks per semester. Cost: $1,036 per semester.

Meal Exchange
The meal exchange program is offered with all meal plans. This convenient, flexible option will allow you to use your dining plan in exchange for a meal in Bob's Place, Monday through Friday from 7-8:30 p.m. 

General Meal Plan Information

    • Meals are offered on a per week basis and do not roll over from week to week.
    • The meal week runs from Monday breakfast through Sunday dinner.
    • Students are permitted to use available meals on their meal plans for family, friends or guests to eat in the Commons. This option is not available for meal exchange in Bob's Place.
    • Only 2 meals are served on Sunday.
    • Residential students who do not select a meal plan during the room draw process or during summer orientation will have the Premier 15 Plus plan selected for them. Changes must be made BEFORE the start of classes.
    • First year students must select between the Full Value 20 Plus or the Premier 15 Plus meal plans for the fall semester. First year students may select the Basic 10 Plus meal plan beginning in the spring semester. Changes must be made BEFORE the start of classes spring semester.

Meal Plan Selection
Returning students will select their meal plan during the room draw process in April. Returning residential students who do not select a meal plan during the room draw process will have the Premier 15 Plus plan selected for them. New students will be able to select their meal plan during their summer orientation session. Commuting students and students who do not select meal plans at summer orientation may do so at the business office. This should be done prior to the first day of classes.

Meal Plan Changes
Students may change meal plans for the upcoming semester at any time prior to the start of classes for that semester. A student may not change plans for a current semester.

Meal plan change requests may be e-mailed to the One Card Office at Requests should contain the following information:

Class Status
Student ID Number(for verification purposes)
Current Meal Plan
New Meal Plan

Dining services will then be notified of the change. Exceptions to this policy can only be made by the dean of students.

Meal Plan Cancellation
Meal Plans may only be cancelled when a student withdraws from the university or at the request of the dean of students.

Lost ID Card
Students who lose their ID card should report the loss to the One Card Office (Technology Center - ext. 3459). The business office accepts payments for One Card replacements. Persons needing an ID card should go to the technology center front desk. The replacement cost for a new card is $10. Should a card be lost when the One Card Office or business office is closed, students may report it to dining services. Dining services can issue a temporary card for meals. Any meals taken on a temporary card that are in addition to those allowed by your meal plan will be deducted from your Beaver Bucks account or charged to your account at the casual rate.

Bluffton University is not responsible for any loss, theft of misuse of the ID card. It is the student's responsibility and should be safe guarded at all times.

Entrance to Commons
A valid student Bluffton University ID is required in order to enter The Commons for meals or for students to use Beaver Bucks. Students without a valid Bluffton University ID will not be permitted to enter. They may pay the casual meal rate to gain access to the dining area. The ID is non-transferable and can only be used by the student to whom it was issued.

Unregistered Students
Students who have not yet registered for classes after the start of the semester will not have their meal plan selection authorized. If they wish to eat meals in The Commons, they must pay the casual rate until they have officially registered for classes. There are no refunds for meals purchased during this time period prior to the authorization of the meal plan.