Preschool Peace Curriculum

Reference Materials

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Fry-Miller, Kathleen and Judith Myers-Walls. Young Peacemakers Project Book. Brethren Press, 1988. (contains a wide variety of activities for ages 3-10)

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The Children's Television Resource and Education Center, Getting Along: A Fun-Filled Set of Stories, Songs, and Activities to Help Kids Work and Play Together. (has book to accompany the cassette)

Cheryl Warren Mattox, Shake It to the One the You Love the Best: Play Songs and Lullabies from Black Music Traditions. (has book to accompany cassette)

Marlo Thomas and Friends, Free to Be You and Me. (goes with the book Free to Be You and Me, edited by Francine Klagsbrun)

Mennonite Central Committee, I Can Make Peace. (stories and songs for children about making peace)

Music for Little People, Peace is the World Smiling.

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