Peace Education

Teaching Resources:

The Environment
Hammond, Merryl & Collins, Rob. One World, One Earth: Educating Children for Social Responsibility.

Sheehan, Kathryn & Waidner, Mary. Earth Child: Games, Stories, Activities, Experiments & Ideas About Living Lightly on Planet Earth.

TreePeople with Lipkis, Andy & Katie. The Simple Act of Planting a Tree: Healing Your Neighborhood, Your City, and Your World.

Duvall, Lynn. Respecting Our Differences: A Guide to Getting Along in a Changing World.

Milord, Susan. Hands Around the World: 365 Ways to Build Cultural Awareness & Global Respect.

Perske, Robert. Circle of Friends: People with Disabilities and Their Friends Enrich the Lives of One Another.

Terzian, Alexandra. The Kids' Multicultural Art Book: Art and Craft Experiences from Around the World.

Conflict Resolution/Peacemaking
Educators for Social Responsibility. Perspectives: A Teaching Guide to Concepts of Peace.

Fry-Miller, Kathleen, et al. Peace Works. Young Peacemakers Project Book II.

Fry-Miller, Kathleen, et al. Young Peacemakers Project Book.

Judson, Stephanie, ed. A Manual on Nonviolence and Children.

Kreidler, William. Creative Conflict Resolution.

Magazine. "Teaching Tolerance."

Nass, Marcie & Max. "Songs for Peacemakers" Conflict Resolution Program, K-3.

O Reilley, Mary Rose. The Peaceable Classroom.

Children's Literature: K 3

The Environment
Ayres, Pam. When Dad Fills in the Garden Pond. 

Baker, Jeannie. Home in the Sky.

Baker, Jeannie. Where the Forest Meets the Sea.

Cherry, Lynne. The Great Kapok Tree.

Dorros, Arthur. Rain Forest Secrets.

Grover, Wayne. Dolphin Adventure: A True Story.

Ingpen, Robert & Dunkle, Margaret. Conservation.

Lowery, Linda. Earth Day.

Rose, Deborah Lee (adapted by). The People Who Hugged The Trees.

Ancona, George & Beth Mary. Handtalk Zoo.

Ashabranner, Brent. Gavriel and Jemal: Two Boys of Jerusalem.

Benchley, Nathaniel. Small Wolf.

Cameron, Ann. The Most Beautiful Place in the World.

Coerr, Eleanor. Chang's Paper Pony.

Cohen, Barbara. Molly's Pilgrim.

Cohen, Barbara. The Secret Grove.

Fairclough, Chris. We Live in Indonesia.

Gerstein, Mordicai. The Mountains of Tibet.

Haskins, Jim. Count Your Way through Japan.

King Mitchell, Margaree. Uncle Jed's Barbershop.

Kurusa. The Streets Are Free.

Lye, Keith. Take a trip to Hungary.

Merrill, Jean (adapted by). The Girl Who Loved Caterpillars.

Morris, Ann. When Will The Fighting Stop?

Musgrove, Margaret. Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions.

Rankin, Laura. The Handmade Alphabet.

Spier, Peter. People.

Wine, Jeanine. Silly Tillie.

Collections by Children
Children of Former Yuoslavia. I Dream of Peace.

Exlery, Helen, ed. What It's Like To Be Me.

International Rescue Committee. Children of Kampuchea: Their Nightmares and Dreams.

Jampolsy, Gerald, ed. Children As Teachers of Peace.

Vornberger, William, ed. Fire from the Sky: Salvadoran Children's Drawings.

Yee, Sylvia & Kokin, Lisa. Got Me a Story to Tell.

Klamath county YMCA Family Preschool. The Land of Many Colors.

Lehn, Cornelia. The Sun and the Wind.

Pilkey, Dav. World War Won.

Turner, Ann. Hedgehog for Breakfast.

McKee, David. Two Monsters.

Ringi, Kjell. The Stranger.

Young, Ed. Seven Blind Mice.

Other Resources
"Peace News"

"The Cookie Game"

Durell, Ann & Sachs, Marilyn, ed. The Big Book for Peace.

Lionni, Leo. Frederick's Fables.

McKee, David. Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories of Peace, Justice, and the Environment.

Scholes, Katherine. Peace Begins with You.

Two Monsters.

Wood, Douglass. Old Turtle.

Bierhorst, John (selected by). On the Road of Stars: Native American Night Poems and Sleep Charms.

Delacre, Lulu (selected by). Arroz Con Leche: Popular Songs and Rhymes from Latin America.

Turner, Ann. Street Talk.

Reader's Theatre
"The Land of Many Colors"

"Peace Begins With You"

"Two Islands"

"Two Monsters"

Big Bird in China

Kids Explore Kenya

Earth Mother Lullabies

Free to Be You and Me (to accompany the book)

I Can Make Peace

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