Folk Tales

Traditional Literature and Folk Tales

Aardema, Verna (retold by). Traveling to Tondo: A Tale of the Nkundo of Zaire. 

Aardema, Verna. Bimwili & the Zimwi. 

Aardema, Verna. Borreguita and the Coyote.

Aardema, Verna. Half-a-Ball-of-Kenki.

Aardema, Verna. Oh Kojo! How Could You?

Aardema, Verna. Who's in Rabbit's House?

Aesop. The Lion and the Mouse.

Aksakov, Sergei. The Little Scarlet Flower.

Allen, Linda (retold by). The Giant Who Had No Heart.

Andersen, Hans Christian. Little Ida's Flowers.

Anderson, Hans Christian. The Emperor's New Clothes.

Babloyan, R. & Shumskaya, M. Folktales from the Soviet Union.

Baylor, Byrd. A God on Every Mountain Top.

Bedard, Michael. The Nightingale.

Berry, James. Spiderman Anancy.

Bierhorst, John, ed. The Naked Bear: Folktales of the Iroquois.

Bierhorst, John. The Mythology of North America.

Bierhorst, John. The Mythology of South America.

Booth, Jack. Knock at the Door.

Brett, Jan. The Mitten.

Brody, Ed, et al. Spinning Tales Weaving Hope: Stories of Peace, Justice and the Environment.

Bryan, Ashley (retold by). Turtle Knows Your Name.

Bryan, Ashley. The Cat's Purr.

Buck, Pearl S (selected by). Fairy Tales of the Orient.

Buffet, Jimmy & Buffet, Savannah Jane. The Jolly Mon.

Burland, Cottie. North American Indian Mythology.

Caduto, Michael J. & Bruchac, Joseph. Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children.

Clement, Claude. The Painter and the Wild Swans.

Cohen, Barbara(retold by). Even Higher.

Collins, Meghan. The Willow Maiden. 

Croll, Carolyn. The Three Brothers: A German Folktale. 

Dawe, Tom. Winter of the Black Weasel. 

Dee, Ruby (retold by). Tower to Heaven. 

Dee, Ruby (retold by). Two Ways to Count to Ten: A Liberian Folktale.

Demi. Demi's Reflective Fables.

Demi. Dragon Kites and Dragonflies: A Collection of Chinese Nursery Rhymes.

dePaola, Tomie (retold by). The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush. 

dePaola, Tomie. Tomie dePaola's Favorite Nursery Tales.

Dolch, Edward W. Stories from Mexico.

Domanska, Janina. A Scythe, A Rooster, and a Cat.

Durrell, Ann (collected by). The Diane Goode Book of American Folktales and Songs.

Fairman, Tory (retold by). Bury My Bones but Keep My Words: African Tales for Retelling. 

Fisher, Sally. The Tale of the Shining Princess.

Gags, Wanda. The Earth Gnome.

Ginsburg, Mirra (adapted by). The Chinese Mirror.

Ginsburg, Mirra. Merry-Go-Round: Four Stories.

Goble, Paul. Her Seven Brothers.

Goble, Paul. Iktomi and the Ducks.

Goble, Paul. Loveflute.

Goble, Paul. The Great Race of the Birds and Animals.

Gooden, Rumer. Fu-Dog.

Gorky, Maxim. Danko's Burning Heart.

Greaves, Margaret. Once There Were No Pandas.

Harness, Cheryl. The Windchild.

Harris, Joel C. Jump on Over! The Adventures of Brer Rabbit and his Family.

Helgadottir, Gudrun. Flumbra: An Icelandic Folktale.

Heller, Wendy. The Sunshine Tree and other Tales from Around the World.

Highwater, Jamake. Anpao.

Hodges, Maragret (retold by). St. Jerome and the Lion.

Hodges, Margaret (retold by). Saint George and the Dragon.

Hodges, Margaret (retold by). The Voice of the Great Bell.

Hooks, William H. Moss Gown.

Hutton, Warwick (retold by). Beauty and the Beast.

Ivanov, Anatoly. Ol' Jake's Lucky Day.

Jaffrey, Madhur. Seasons of Splendor: Tales, Myths and Legends of India.

Johnson, David (retold by). The Boy Who Drew Cats.

Kamen, Gloria (retold by). The Ringdoves.

Keats, Ezra Jack. John Henry: An American Legend.

Keidel, Eudene. African Fables that Teach About God -- Book I.

Keidel, Eudene. African Fables that Teach About God -- Book II.

Kellogg, Steven (retold by). Chicken Little.

Kismaric, Carole (adapted by). The Rumor of Pavel and Paali.

Laird, Elizabeth. Miracle Child: A Story from Ethiopia.

Langton, Jane (retold by). The Hedgehog Boy: A Latvian Folktale.

Lee, Jeanne M. (retold by). Toad is the Uncle of Heaven.

Lester, Julius. More Tales of Uncle Remus: Further Adventures of Brer Rabbit . . .

Levine, Abby (retold by). Too Much Mush!

Lewis, Naomi (retold by). The Stepsister.

Lionni, Leo. Frederick's Fables: A Leo Lionni Treasury of Favorite Stories.

Little, Emily. The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War.

Liyi, He. The Spring of Butterflies and other Chinese Folktales.

Locker, Thomas (adapted by). Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About.

Maly, Milos. Tales of the Amber Ring.

Manning-Sanders, Ruth. Scottish Folk Tales.

Marshak, Samuel. The Month-Brothers: A Slavic Tale.

Martin, Rafe & Young Ed. Foolish Rabbit's Big Mistake.

Mayer, Marianna. The Little Jewel Box.

Mayer, Marianne (as told by). The Ugly Duckling.

Mayo, Gretchen Will. More Star Tales.

McDermott, Beverly Brodsky. The Golem: A Jewish Legend.

McDermott, Gerald. Daniel O'Rourke: An Irish Tale.

McDermott, Gerald. The Stonecutter: A Japanese Folktale.

Michels, Barbara & White, Bettye. Apples on a Stick: Folklore of Black Children.  Miller, Edna. Mousekin's Fables.

Morris, Ann (retold by). The Cinderella Rebus Book.

Mosel, Arlene (retold by). Tikki Tikki Tembo.

Nygren, Tord. Fiddler and His Brother.

Pan Cai Ying. Monkey Creates Havoc in Heaven.

Pattison, Darcy. The River Dragon.

Paxton, Tom (retold by). Aesop's Fables.

Pellowski, Anne (retold by). The Nine Crying Dolls.

Pellowski, Anne. Hidden Stories in Plants.

Preussler, Otfried. The Tale of the Unicorn.

Quayle, Eric. The Shining Princess.

Rayevsky, Inna & Robert. The Talking Tree.

Robe, Rosebud Yellow (retold by). Tonweya and the Eagles and Other Lakota Indian Tales.

Rohmer, Harriet (adapted by). The Legend of Food Mountain. 

Rose, Deborah Lee (adapted by). The People Who Hugged the Trees.

Rosen, Michael, ed. South and North, East and West: The Oxfam Anthology of Children's Stories.

Ross, Tony. Stone Soup.

Roth, Susan L. Kanahena: A Cherokee Story.

Sadler, Catherine Edwards (retold by). Heaven's Reward: Fairy Tales from China.

Sakade, Florence. Japanese Children's Favorite Stories.

San Souci, Robert D. (retold by). The White Cat.

Sanfield, Steve. The Adventures of High John the Conqueror.

Sawyer, Ruth. Joy to the World: Christmas Legends.

Say, Allen (retold by). Once Under the Cherry Blossom Tree: An Old Japanese Tale.

Scieszka, Jon. The Frog Prince Continued.

Seeger, Pete. Abiyoyo.

Seros, Kathleen. Sun and Moon: Fairy Tales from Korea.

Sheppard-Jones, Elisabeth. Stories of Wales.

Shute, Linda (retold by). Momotaro the Peach Boy.

Siberell, Anne. A Journey to Paradise.

Singer, Isaac Bashevis. The Golem.

Singh, Jacquelin. Fat Gopal.

Sloat, Teri (retold by). The Eye of the Needle.

Stevens, Janet (adapted by). The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

Stevens, Janet. Androcles and the Lion.

Stokes, Olivia Pearl. The Beauty of Being Black.

Tale, Uzbek. Strike, Cane, Strike!

Tate, Carole. Pancakes and Pies.

Te Kanawa, Kiri. Land of the Long White Cloud: Maori Myths, Tales, and Legends.

The Enchanter's Spell: Five Famous Tales.

Thomas, Gwyn & Crossley-Holland, Kevin. Tales from the Mabinogion. 

Torre, Bette. The Luminous Pearl.

Toste, Cayentano Colly. Puerto Rican Tales.

Tresselt, Alvin. The Mitten.

Underwood, Thomas Bryan. Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears.

Van Luan, Nancy (retold by). Rainbow Crow.

Vazhdayev, Victor. The Cock With the Crimson Comb.

Vlador, Serhiy (translated by). The Adventures of a Shepherd.

Volkmer, Jane Anne (retold by). Song of the Chirimia: A Guatemala Folktale.

Wainwright, Sheila (retold by). A Magical Menagerie.

Walker, Barbara K. (retold by). A Treasury of Turkish Folktales for Children.

Watkins, Yoko Kawashima. Tales from the Bamboo Grove.

Weil, Lisa (retold by). Pandora's Box.

Weir, John. The Lame Duckling.

Wetterer, Margaret K. The Boy Who Knew the Language of the Birds.

White Deer of Autumn. Ceremony--In the Circle of Life.

Windham, Sophie. Read Me a Story: A Child's Book of Favorite Tales.

Winthrop, Elizabeth. Journey to the Bright Kingdom.

Xu Li. The Beginnings of Monkey.

Yolen, Jan (retold by). The Sleeping Beauty.

Young, Ed (adapted by). The Terrible Nung Gwama: A Chinese Folktale.

Young, Ed. Seven Blind Mice.

Zheleznova, Irina. Alyonushka and Her Little Brother Ivanushka.

Zheleznova, Irina. Alyonushka: Russian Folktales.

Zheleznova, Irina. The Fox and the Hare. 

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