Lion and Lamb

The Arts
Includes books on dance, drama, music and visual art

celebrations around the world
Includes fiction and nonfiction examples of festivals, holiday celebrations, and religious celebrations around the world

Conflict and Peacemaking
Includes fiction and nonfiction examples of conflict resolution, nonviolent responses to conflict and other general peace themes related to personal interaction

Conflict/Struggle for Understanding
Addresses issues of misunderstanding, social injustice, prejudice, slavery, oppression, peer pressure, and stereotypes as character in the stories search for inner peace in the midst of difficult circumstances in an attempt to make changes

cultures from many countries
Includes fiction and nonfiction selections on specific regional cultures around the world

death and dying
Addresses issues of death and dying, remembering those who have passed, and finding comfort after loss

Addresses a variety of topics, including but not limited to mental, physical and learning disabilities to increase awareness and understanding of these conditions

diversity in the united states
Explores issues of racial, ethnic, and religious diversity in the United States through fiction and nonfiction pieces

early childhood literature
Books appropriate for early childhood-aged school children

The elderly
Includes fiction and nonfiction selections about our elderly neighbors and family

Addresses ecological and environmental themes including but not limited to wildlife, habitats, nature, stewardship of the earth and endangered species

Addresses a broad range of family issues including types of families, broken and restored relationships, resolving conflicts constructively, sibling rivalry, understanding and appreciating families

food, hunger, and responsible lifestyles
Includes fiction and nonfiction literature that addresses the issues of malnurishment, hunger, excessive consumption and waste

Friendship and Peace
Addresses the importance of relationships and explores ways to create, restore and maintain harmony in relationships

Grief and Loss
Includes stories and literature that address topics of grief, coping with stress, death and dying, as a resource for our own grief as well as for children facing these issues

Historic Peace Church
Includes fiction and nonfiction literature from Amish, Brethern, Hutterite, Mennonite, Quaker and Shaker perspectives; some Mennonite authors are also featured here

Includes fiction and nonfiction literature that addresses the issue of immigration

Features literature which explores the balance of dependence and independence, emphasizes the value of positive interaction with others, recognizes the importance of both giving of yourself and receiving from others

Islam and judaism
Features literature about the Islamic and Jewish faith traditions

Multicultural Literature and Perspectives
Includes books on cultural awareness, folktales, food, festivals, world religions, homes, languages, families, counting in other languages and more. See also, multicultural perspectives on common themes

Includes bi-lingual and multi-lingual children's literature. See also, Spanish/english bilingual books

Nations and Their People
Includes fiction and nonfiction books about many countries, cultures, people groups, as well as books about immigration and ethnic diversity in the United States

Includes books of poetry spanning a broad range of topics and themes
Teacher Resources and References

preschool peace curriculum
Reference materials, books, and cassettes that explore the issue of peace for a preschool-aged audience

quilt books
Fiction and nonfiction selections about quilts

reference bibliography
A collection of various reference selections

Self Discovery
Includes books that recognize and celebrate personal uniqueness, explore and discover individual abilities and talents, and build self-esteem; also explores career opportunities

Addresses the issues of self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth in fiction and nonfiction selections

Fiction and nonfiction selections that address stress and how to manage stress

traditional literature and folk tales
Features fiction and nonfiction selections that describe and retell traditional narratives and folk tales in many regions of the world. See also, traditional legends and stories

Videos, DVDs, and Music CDs
Includes documentaries, movies and children's videos that address issues of peace and violence, social justice, resolving conflicts, relationships and other themes of peace

violence and peacemaking
Includes fiction and nonfiction selections that address situations of violence and the peacemaking work that can or has resulted

Fiction and nonfiction selections about cultural, historical, and political issues of women and civil rights

wordless picture books

Miscellaneous Topics
Includes topics such as women, wordless picture books, children's literature dealing with war, and many others


Teacher Resources and References