PRIMARY DATABASES: Image Collections and Digital Media

Annals of American History    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 

Annals of American History Full text of over 2000 primary documents in American history, including: historical accounts, speeches, memoirs, poems, editorials, and cultural criticism. Also has multimedia files including more than 500 pictures, hundreds of video clips, and audio of famous speeches.

Digital Resource Commons - OhioLINK 

Features educational films and documentaries, foreign language video instruction, historical documents, and other materials representing a wide range of subject areas and interests, including resources developed by the University System of Ohio and Ohio's private colleges.

Dolphin Embryo Digitized Slides 

Dolphin Embryo Digitized Slides are scanned images of histological sections, captured using a digital camera connected to a microscope. The collection consists of many sections per single embryo. Each embryo is identified by a name, such as LACM 94674. Embryos were made available by the Los Angeles County Museum. A section number follows the name, e.g. LACM 94674-100 is section 100. The specimens are individuals of the Pantropical Spotted Dolphin (Stenella attenuata). The goal behind these sections is to allow researchers and others to be able to see each section individually to study histological embryology as well as use a group of images to see changes within tissues. For more information about this project, connect to the Digital Library of Dolphin Development (DLDD).

Education in Video 

Education in Video provides streaming access to more than 4,600 hours of teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms. The diversity of schools, geographic regions, classroom types, teaching approaches, and student populations give both new and experienced teachers tools for further honing their knowledge and skills.

Educational Films and Documentaries 

Educational Films and Documentaries contains full-length educational films and documentaries covering a wide variety of subjects from two distributors, Ambrose Video and Films for the Humanities and Sciences. Part of the Digital Resource Commons.

Entrepreneurial Studies Source    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 

Entrepreneurial Studies Source provides the latest insight into topics relevant to entrepreneurship and small business. This database offers users full text for more than 125 key periodicals, 135 reference books, case studies, thousands of company profiles and over 600 videos with transcripts and related articles from the Harvard Faculty Series and Vator.TV.

Geology Digital Photographs 

Geology Photographs is a collection of photos depicting natural features and the human impact on environments around the world.

Coverage: 1857-1871

HarpWeek is the electronic version of Harper's Weekly from the Civil War and Reconstruction eras, 1857-1871. HarpWeek includes all the pages of Harper's Weekly as scanned images, together with a series of indexes. Harper's Weekly was a leading national weekly during the second half of the nineteenth-century, providing information and insights on political, military and social issues and events prior to and during the Civil War. HarpWeek includes news, editorials, stories, illustrations, book reviews, serialized novels, advertising and maps from the weekly. It also includes biographical information about period leaders.

Lake Erie's Yesterdays 

Lake Erie's Yesterdays is a collection of historic photographs of northwestern Ohio, documenting the local history of the Erie Islands and Lake Erie's western basin. These black and white images were produced by Sandusky, Ohio, commercial photographer Ernst Niebergall between 1909 and 1915. From ice harvesting and railroads to early aviation and island leisure activities, the Niebergall photographs richly depict the everyday lives and activities of Lake Erie's southern shoreline residents. The photographs provide a record of communities in transition as old methods gave way to advances in industry and technology. The original photos are part of the Charles E. Frohman Collection at the Manuscripts Division of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center.

LANDSAT 7 Satellite Images (Digital Media Center) 

LANDSAT 7 Satellite Images provides digital snapshots of Ohio from space. Images of Ohio are available for download or web viewing. Several views are provided, including infrared and true color composite. New imagery is available every 16 days.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Digital Images    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 
Coverage: late 1800s

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Digital Images is a collection of digital documents related to slavery, abolition, and emancipation. The collection includes abolitionist broadsheets, photographs by Matthew Brady, letters and speeches of President Lincoln and other presidents, and other historic letters, documents, and pictures. The original documents are found in the Gilder Lehrman Collection of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. The digital images were made available through the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. These documents are part of the Historic & Archival Digital Media collections of the OhioLINK Digital Media Center.

NAXOS Video Library 

NAXOS Video Library (NVL) provides streaming access to an extensive (and growing) collection of classical music performances, opera, ballet, live concerts and documentaries. Watch the world's greatest opera houses, ballet companies, orchestras and artists perform on demand! Search videos by composer, production, artist, venue, role or genre. Faculty can create playlists with customized clips from any video for use with classes (contact the Research and Information Desk for information). Libretti and text are included when available.

Reproductive Physiology Animations 

Reproductive Physiology Animations is a collection of learning modules on human reproduction from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. The modules have animation, and some have sound. This collection is open to the public.

Wright Brothers Digital Photographs 

Wright Brothers Collection documents the invention of the airplane, the lives of the Wright Family, and the Wrights' flying exhibitions in Europe and the United States. The collection provides thorough coverage of the Wrights' early inventive period documenting their early gliders and flight testing in both North Carolina and Ohio.

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