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No tests or grades, no quizzes or papers, just individuals gathering to explore a topic of interest for the pure joy of learning.  That is what the Institute for Learning in Retirement program is all about. 

Sponsored by Bluffton University, the program is designed for retired/semi-retired people. Many of the courses are designed and led by the members of the institute. The Institute for Learning In Retirement offers fall, winter and spring courses at the university. Students may sign up for as many IRL courses as they wish for one set price. 

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2015 Fall Term

Beginning Sept. 21
Classes offered on  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Courses include

The Place and Role of Music in Christian Spirituality
and in the Life of the Church

with Pastor Kevin Mohr
In this course we'll look at the history and practice of music in the church down through the centuries.

Greek Mythology
with Bob Cecire
Our study will be concerned with ancient myth, centering on Greek religion and its deities. We will look at the nature of ancient Greek religion and its influence on Rome, art and literature. We will also briefly look at Norse-Germanic myth and its impact on the modern world.                               

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If you have any questions, please contact:
JP Schumacher
Director of ILR