Frequently Asked Questions

What is the institute for Learning in Retirement?
An institute is a unique educational opportunity for retired men and women in which peer learning, shared leadership and member participation are fundamental.  The majority of the classes are designed and taught by the members of the institute.   There are no paid teachers. There are no prerequisites, exams or grades. It is an opportunity to continue learning in a flexible, informal and noncompetitive environment.

What topics are taught in the study sessions?
Study sessions are offered on a variety of topics ranging from the arts (music, literature, creative writing, art) to hands-on classes such as photography, cooking, drawing and quilting. Some classes deal with issues, while others are more concrete, such as geography, astronomy, economics, religion and the study of other countries and cultures. Members suggest the courses they would like to study each term.

What are the membership requirements?
A commitment to learning and study is the primary requirement for membership. A desire to explore new ideas, expand knowledge, exercise creativity and meet new friends is also helpful. A college education is not required. A modest membership fee supports the organization and its activities.

For more information, please contact:
Robin Bowlus
Senior director of advancement operations and public relations
(419) 358-3453