Lucia Unrau

Lucia Unrau has been described as a "magnificent artist" who makes "...intricate and difficult passage work...seem almost effortless." (JOURNAL SEAMUS) The Los Angeles Times says Unrau "...provided pointed, bravura playing." As a soloist and member of Electro-Metamorphosis, Dr. Unrau performs extensively across the United States. A finalist in the Joanna Hodges International Piano Competition and the winner of competitions in Texas, Ohio, Colorado and Kansas, Unrau has been featured on the Spotlight series on WGMS-FM, Washington, D.C., and Front Row Center on KLRU-TV in Austin, Texas. She has appeared with the Oberlin Orchestra, the Newton Mid-Kansas Orchestra and has performed solo and chamber concerts throughout the United States. Lucia Unrau has CD recordings released by HDC Productions and Cambria Master Recordings in the United States, Europe and Japan. Dr. Unrau holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, Indiana University and Oberlin Conservatory.

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