Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle University--page 3 (of 3 pages)

Steven Holl

Processional way--looking back toward the main entrance;
plan of the chapel


Left and center; the processional way, leading to the baptismal font; right: the back of the sanctuary with a bit of the Chapel of Blessed Sacrament seen through the door

Four windows with symbolic designs are on the sloping wall. Holy oils are in a display case above the baptismal font.


The sanctuary

If one combines the left and center images, one can get a sense of the size of the sanctuary. The focus of course is the altar. And light here--in fact mostly a hidden light source plays an important role in establishing the mystery of this sacred space. Holl designed the altar, ambo, pews and hand-blown pendant lights and wall sconce lights. A crucifix made of Alaskan cedar hangs to the left while a sculpture, Gratia Plena, honoring Mary, made of Carrara marble by Steven Heilmer, is situated on the right.


The narthex--to the right of the entrance

One could see this room as a kind of foyer. The hand-made wool carpet was designed by Holl. Windows along the front facade and the large light well illuminate this room.

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