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The stele pavilions are on both sides of the pond. The stelae are mounted on top of the giant tortoises that line either side of the temple. They date from 1484 and record the names, birth places, and achievements of the men who received doctorates here. Presently 82 stelae stand here.
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The stelae were erected between 1484 and 1780 bearing the names and birth places of 1,306 doctor laureates in order to encourage and honor these educated men.

Dai Thanh (Great Success) Gate, which leads into the temple precinct


Courtyard of the temple and the Bai Duong (House of Ceremonies)


Details of eaves, decorative wood work, and curved roof lines

Overhanging eaves help to keep these buildings cool; large doorways are also important in cooling the buildings. In the winter, when it is cold in Hanoi, the sun is lower and heats the inside.

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