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Thai woman's garment

Made of cotton and silk, a dress like this was worn for special occasions--marriages and festivals. The Thai women are excellent weavers, which is evident in the border-printed tube skirt. Decorative silver buttons accent the fronts of blouses.

Left: Tay brocade fabric of silk and cotton with floral patterns and the eight-pointed star; center and right: tableau depicting a Tay ritual with ceremonial costumes


Lu woman's garment of cotton and silk, decorated with brocade and silver

"The Lu women use black indigo clothes as a background for their silver jewelry. They embroider vertical and horizontal decorative patterns on their skirts to make them look like two layers of clothing. Silver necklaces adorn their shirts and are worn in a diagonal way, tied up by strings" (Huy 121). They also wear turbans, which they wear slanting to the left.

Left: Dao garment;
Yao woman's garment of cotton decorated with embroidered designs and silver


Tableau depicting a ceremony of the Red Yao


Tableaux depicting hat-making (left) and a Muong funeral (center and right)

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Work Cited:
Nguyen Van Huy. The Cultural Mosaic of Ethnic Groups in Vietnam. Hanoi: Education Publishing House, n. d.

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