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Renzo Piano

Views of the interior--left and center: the entrance lobby; right: the back entrance
The museum is wonderfully illuminated with natural light. The roof is made of "leaves" of glass-reinforced cooncrete--these act as a kind of brise-soleil diffusing the light.

Ceiling details


One gallery looks out to a private garden


Cy Twombly Gallery

This gallery, housing more than 30 works by Twombly, was designed by Renzo Piano, and opened in 1995.
This gallery "has a sophisticated roofing system that allows for an even diffusion of natural light. An external canopy of fixed louvers first breaks the sunlight over a sloping, hipped glass roof. Passing through ultraviolet filtering glass, the light is controlled by mechanical louvers and finally dispersed within the galleries by the stretched cotton fabric ceiling" (The Menil Collection Museum Guide [pamphlet].

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