Cathedral of Valencia: the Dome and Great Chapel--page 4 (of 5 pages)

begun at the end of the 13th century; construction continued for centuries and thus the mixture of styles--from the early Romanesque, to Renaissance, to Baroque and Neoclassical.

The Dome, an octagonal tower, is part of the old cathedral. Large windows use translucent alabaster stone set in beautiful tracery--elegant and graceful from both the inside and outside.

The Great Chapel was originally built in a Gothic style in the 13th century but in the 17th century was remodeled in a Baroque style by the Valencian architect Juan Pérez Castiel. The high altarpiece opens up to a polychrome wood carving of Mary and is comprised of several paintings in the Italian Renaissance style.

At the top of the four piers of the transept there are stucco statues of the four evangelists. The representation is traditional as are the symbols for each.

The Evangelist St. John represented with the eagle and the Evangelist St. Luke represented with the bull. (18th century stucco sculptures by José Puchol)


Center: The Evangelist St. Mark represented with the lion. (18th century stucco sculpture by Francisco Sanchis)

Right: The Evangelist St. Matthew represented with the angel. (18th century stucco sculpture by José Esteve)

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