Cathedral of Valencia: “Palau Door” (Palace Door), “Almoina Door” (Alms Door)--page 3 (of 5 pages)

Romanesque style (13th century)

Romanesque entrance with six concentric arches and six small columns on each side

Technically, this door enters the transept--at the opposite end from the Door of the Apostles.

Left side with historiated capitals relating to incidents in the Old Testament


Right: with Creation of nature and Adam and creation of Eve and the fall; Angel guarding Paradise and Adam and Eve at work; Abel's sacrifice and Cain's murder


Right side with historiated capitals relating to incidents in the Old Testament; Noah's drunkenness and Abraham riding a camel to Bethel and Abraham's near-sacrifice of Isaac


Abraham and Isaac; Banquet for Abraham


Concentric arches with angels in inner arch and beasts in the outer


Looking up at the inner arches


Modillions--14 heads of men and women who supported the building of this cathedral are under the cornice of the doorway. Engraved labels identify them.


The plain exterior of the cathedral with gargoyles

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