The Alhambra: Hall of the Two Sisters and Mirador of Lindaraja (or Daraxa)

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Exterior tower of the Hall of the Two Sisters

Like the Sala de los Abencerrajes, this room has a beautiful dome of mocarabes. The room has a small fountain in the middle with a little channel that carries the water to the Patio of the Lions.

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Mirador of Lindaraja (or Daraxa)

The dressing room or bedroom of the Sultana had this bay window (or a mirador). The windows are low because Moslems reclined on the floor on cushions or ottomans.

The Garden of Lindaraja (or Daraxa)

Daraxa's Garden (Jardines de Daraxa) was also called Garden of the Orange Trees (Jardín de los Naranjos) and Garden of the Marbles (Jardín de los Mármoles). Built between 1526 and 1538 by Charles V, and replacing an existing garden, it had cypresses, acacias, orange trees and box bushes with a central marble fountain.

Details of adjacent rooms/hallways

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