The Alhambra: Mexuar and Court of the Gilded Room

begun 1238

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This room (no image of the whole room is on this site) has been much modified by later Christian use as a chapel. Originally, it was a conference room and a reception room where the king held public audiences and administered justice. It now has a balcony/loft.

Decorative details

The decoration includes stucco relief decoration on the wall and elaborately carved piers and capitals. Below are photographs of carved ceilings.

A carved capital and wall decorations--tile and relief calligraphy


The Patio of the Mexuar/Court of the Gilded Room

Behind the portico is the Cuarto Dorado (or the Gilded Room).

The portico of the Patio of the Mexuar/Court of the Gilded Room


The Patio of the Mexuar/Court of the Gilded Room

The center of the patio has a small marble basin.

Left: side door of the Court of the Gilded Room; Center: the niche at the end of a dark passageway leading to the Court of the Myrtles

This route emerges at the courtyard's north-western corner.
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