Interior views, The Mezquita--page 4 (of 6 pages)

8th century; 1236 rededicated to Christian use; 1520's--cathedral built inside the mosque

Forests of columns

The terra cotta and white striped double arches create a striking effect. There are about 580 columns, although legend says 1000, many of which were gifts from as far away as Constantinople. Note filtered light through screened doorway (on the left of both photos) which was originally open to the courtyard.

Two-tiered arrangement of arches

Since the columns were reused from other buildings and were thus of differing heights, the solution was to use the column as a base and then add piers to support the ceiling arches. Note that above every column there is a large impost supporting the more massive pier.

Two kinds of arches

The lower arches are horseshoe-shaped while the upper arcade is comprised of semicircular arches.

A decorative doorway--see above as well

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