Temple of the Sagrada Familia: The Nativity Facade--page 3 (of four pages)

Antoni Gaudí

The Hope Portico, left entrance of the Nativity Facade

Betrothal of Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph

Jesus shows Joseph a wounded dove while his grandparents, Saint Joachim and Saint Anne look on from each side.


The Flight into Egypt (sculptor: Llorenc Matamala i Pinol)

In a dream an angel warned Joseph that Herod had given orders to kill the children, so he and his family escape to Egypt, led by an angel.

Flora and fauna on the entire facade are lavish, but here they evoke the Nile. Joseph's carpenter's tools are depicted in the upper right.

The Massacre of the Innocents (sculptor: Llorenc Matamala i Pinol)

The scene takes place in Bethlehem as children under two are being slaughtered.

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