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Charles Rennie Mackintosh
1989-96, based on a 1901 design by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret MacDonald

The South or Garden Facade

Today the cafe is on the ground floor south side with outdoor areas on the terrace. The center and right pictures also have the brightly colored Jelly Moulds, unusual seats made of recycled rubber, designed by One Foot Taller, 2000.


The balcony off the Music Room

The six French windows on the second floor open from the Music Room onto the balcony terrace which overlooks the garden.

Center and right: the upstairs balcony off the Music Room

"Indeed the carved stone features on exterior elevations are quite breathtaking such as the 'Tree of Life,' a carved relief above the terrace. A superb work by stonemason Jack Kennedy, it was carved from interpretive drawings by Graeme Robertson. Kennedy, trained in conservation and restoration skills, studied in detail the carvings at Queen's Cross Church and the School of Art. The panels were then built in stone blocks and carved from top to bottom using traditional mallet and chisel methods" (Cosgrove 34).


Untitled [bench] by McGurn Architects, 2000, concrete, Corten steel, wood, from "Benchmarks" Exhibit


Foot and Arch by Ganesh Gohain, 2005


Base: Peace Cairn, erected for the 1938 Empire Exhibition. This mound consists of numerous shaped blocks with engraved names of organizations and clans which were concerned about the possibility of war. (They were right!) In 2004 a globe of steel was added to the top which contains the word "peace" in different languages. It was designed by Elspeth Bennie, Ironhorse Studios, as part of the 'Grounds for Play' project. "

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