Queen's Cross Church and Hall--page 2 (of six pages)

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Entrance bay--southeast corner

The entrance has a curved lintel with a carved decorative element. Above the door the window is divided by a large decorative mullion which extends below the window frame and ends in an art nouveau organic design. In illustrating Mackintosh's talent for details, Crawford explains, "in the upper part of the east porch, for instance, we have simplified traditional mouldings in the tracery and cyma recta cap [moulding of double curvature with the concave part uppermost]; symbolic structure in the tree-like mullion; sacred symbolism in the little bird, the Pelican in her Piety; subtle surfaces in the up-turned chamfer of the window-head; and pure, arrogant form in the almost dangerous projection of the cap" (46-7).

Views from the southwest and west


The northwest end with vestry and stairwell

Typical in Mackintosh architecture is variety of fenestration, seen clearly here. Note too the stone mouldings around and above the doors as well as carved wooden details.


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