Retablos de mi Pueblo--page four (of 4 pages arranged in chronological order)

Edwin Báez Carrasquillo
exhibit at Museo de las Américas, San Juan,Puerto Rico

Maestro Martorell, 2014

Antonio Martorell is a well-known Puerto Rican artist. See the Wikipedia entry here and his own quirky website here. His works include prints, murals, posters, book illustrations and stage and wardrobe designs for theatrical productions.


Legado, 2014

This retablo shows Don Ricardo Alegría Gallardo contemplating Old San Juan from a colonial balcony. His short stories inspires others of Edwin Báez' retablos. See earlier pages.


Exposición, 2014

The signage at the Museum of the Americas explains this work. It depicts a meeting between Francisco Oller, a Puerto Rican painter, and Dr. Ausgustín Stahl at the Puerto Rican exhibit held in 1893 to commemorate the fourth centennial of the discovery of Puerto Rico. Stahl, a medical doctor was also a collector of archaeological artifacts (Pre-Columbian) and a watercolorist.

Oller's paintings are hanging on the back wall while Stahl's Taino objects are displayed in the glass cabinet.

El Médico de los Pobres, 2014


Amigo de los Pitirres

This work shows William Miranda Marin, mayor of from 1997 until his death in 2010. He is seen with pitirres, gray kingbirds.

Typical Nativity Scene, nd?

Set at the ruins of Hacienda San José, Caguas, Puerto Rico, this depiction of the Epiphany uses local peasants as the wise men who bring local produce as gifts.

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